The mc chris Cartoon Pitch

mc chris is back (it’s a fact Jack. Look it up!) and you should be completely thrilled! The mc chris cartoon we have here might only be six minutes in length, but the animation is crisp and the jokes take you by surprise. Being a longtime mc chris fan pays off too, because you know the trials and tribulations he’s overcome with his slimy manager trying to put Bossk on a goddamn Segway which is one of the few good ideas he’s had for a song. Don’t know about this? Check out the link to mc chris’ website for the download of the skits! 

Now, while we only have six minutes of this genius, we know you want more! All of this was fan-funded as a means to get our mc chris cartoon made. Alas, it has not happened yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t! With your help, we can show the networks that WE WANT OUR MC CHRIS CARTOON. Go to the video and like it, leave a comment, and demand your mc chris cartoon in full!

While you’re at it, save this picture and post it everywhere! Facebook! Twitter! Tumblr! Reddit! Myspace! …Friendster? Xanga…I think it’s going into the obscure parts of the Internet where few dare to tread, but you get the point. Spread the love and join the revolution! While you’re at it, why not go let mc chris know you love him too on Facebook page? We all need a little joy thrown our way and he’d be grateful for it no doubt!