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Snorlax, You Lazy Bum!

Snorlax is a bit like an Ent. When he’s ready to do something, he’ll damn well do it

funny pictures memes

Video Game Girls

Look at dat ass! It’s a FULL pixel gotdamn!

funny pictures memes

Massage Your Cubone?

Would you like me to massage your Cubone?

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When Nicktoons Grow Up

Ever wondered what happened to those Nicktoons you used to watch as a kid?

funny pictures memes

Skyrim Theories

You know, there are some pretty weird Skyrim theories out there, but this one makes complete sense

funny pictures memes

Doubleslap It!

I’d doubleslap dat ass all day!

funny pictures memes

Dodrio’s Secret

Apparently, the heads aren’t the only parts of the body that Dodrio has three of…