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Zombies in Cerulean City!

Team Rocket walks dead at the speed of light!

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Brad Pitt Lowers His Standards

It’s been said that as you get older, you start to settle for what you can get. I hope I never get there.

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Zombie Dance Party!

Who doesn’t love a zombie dance party!?

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Kill of the Week

What do you think? Good enough to be kill of the week?


Zombie Cat!

Really, zombie cats aren’t much of a threat. They sleep for most of the day and get distracted by shiny things

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I See Dead People

If “I see dead people” was used as a catch phrase in The Walking Dead, you might just need to petition the White House to…


Come Back Daryl Dixon!

  Everyone’s favorite redneck of the Walking Dead has returned! Daryl Dixon is the American bad ass with a crossbow. It makes the show that…