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Just That Dad Life

If you pick up your daughter¬†from daycare and don’t tell that bitch to be cool, she’s gonna run all over you.

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Ya Boy Little Bill

Little Bill is at it again!

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Neat Dessert Idea!

Thanks Food Network! You always have such a fantastic dessert idea whenever we really need it!

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The Internet Reacts To: Miley Cyrus Twerk at the VMAs

We all knew it was coming one day. Miley Cyrus was just too “wholesome” to remain that way forever. It follows the trend of ¬†Disney…

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Spice Up Your Meal

Spice up your meal by tossing a bag of brown recluse spiders at the ceiling fan!

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North West

Tweets from North West are the best!

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A Missing Person

The child who was sitting behind me on the plane is destined to be an opera singer. Or a banshee. Or a missing person.

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Dog with a Blog

Alexander William makes no qualms about his feelings on Dog with a Blog