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When Boys Make You Forget

When boys make you forget, you’ve probably had a roofie put in your drink

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Bite Your Face Playfully

Girls love it when boys bite your face playfully! NOM NOM NOM

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Only Seven Planets

There’d be eight planets instead of only seven if Pluto was still considered one…rest in peace sweet Pluto prince. You’ll always be a planet to…

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Boys Hold Your Face

When boys hold your face when they kiss you… those are some of the things that girls like, especially when they’re held at knife point!

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When Boys Pray

Girls love when boys pray and perform sacrificial offerings inside a pentagram! …right?

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When Boys Have Deep Eyes

When boys have deep eyes…PENANCE STARE O_O

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When Boys Play the Guitar for You

When boys play the guitar for you, make sure it’s Norwegian black metal. Otherwise, he probably doesn’t give a shit about you, especially if he…


Being Silly with Him

Being silly never gets anyone anywhere far in life.