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First Name Basis

When you’re on a first name basis, it can be a little tricky. Particularly when you maim the hell of your Padawan and leave him…

funny pictures memes
funny star wars pictures memes

Can’t Blame Him

With Leia being a galactic hussy, you can’t blame him for trying! …even if he is a Hutt

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Start the Invasion

Face down, ass up, that’s the way we invade Hoth. Force choke, make it hurt. Slip that blaster under your shirt!

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Driving Extra Slow

When I drive extra slow because the person behind me is being impatient…Yes let the hate flow through you!

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Take the Money

Harrison Ford would take the money to tell you anything you want to hear. Did you even see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? *shudders*

funny pictures memes

If Luke Skywalker Missed

If Luke Skywalker had missed after turning off his targeting computer, he would become the biggest douche in fictional history ever. Until Joffrey Baratheon came…

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The Most Perfect Gif EVER

There has never been a more perfect gif that your eyes have ever seen!