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Waking Up in the Morning

You only have one more day of work left before the weekend. Roll on out and finish it up!

funny pictures memes

Sleepy Time Sloth

Assassin sloth takes no pleasure in his job

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Why Did the Sloth Cross the Road?

Why did the sloth cross the road?

funny pictures memes

Only Seven Planets

There’d be eight planets instead of only seven if Pluto was still considered one…rest in peace sweet Pluto prince. You’ll always be a planet to…


A Sloth Is Never Late

A sloth is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.


Work that Pole Sloth!

Sometimes you just have to work your way through sloth college doing things you might not otherwise do


Musical Preference Sloth

Do you like tapes and CD’s? Musical preference sloth is very keen on knowing what you like


Gangster Sloth Don’t Play

Gangster Sloth just wants you to know the rules of the game. Bitches get stitches