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Girls Be Like

Brought to you by the letter “F” for friendzone

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A Vast Galaxy

Ever look up in the sky and wonder how we ended up in such a vast galaxy?

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Asking Me If I Love You

Asking me if I love you is like asking me what color the sky is…idiot.

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Need Some Oral Care?

If you need some oral care, look no further!


The Difference Between Browsers

The key difference between browsers is that Firefox and Chrome are used to browse the Internet and Internet Explorer is used when you need to…


License to Troll

A license to troll does not come to one easily. Instead, it is given through a course of natural selection via the Internet, which is…

funny pictures memes

Minimum Wage, Minimum Effort

It’s not even worth getting annoyed with to be honest. I’ve given up on trying to get exact change back and simply put the change…


At Least You’re Remembered

Even if you don’t make a big dent in the world, at least you’re remembered for something.