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Tiffany Trump Snubs Donald Trump

Tiffany Trump Snubs the Donald

This week, we’ve elected to give Tiffany Trump the Queen Shade Award for the snub of her disgusting father, Donald Trump. And what better way…

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American Politics Is Ready for a Change

American politics is ready for a change. T-REX IS KING OF ALL!!11!1!

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How It Feels to Vote

When you vote, it’s like choosing which bullet you’d prefer to be shot in the head with. Now do your civic duty!


Rules of Engagement

Rules of engagement when encountering politics as taught by Huey Freeman


22 of the Best from Romney’s Binders Full of Women Meme

The day is October 16, 2012, the day of the second presidential debate between hopeful Mitt Romney and current president, Barack Obama. The air is…

Wonka Doesn't Accept Your Political Wisdom