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Snorlax, You Lazy Bum!

Snorlax is a bit like an Ent. When he’s ready to do something, he’ll damn well do it

funny pictures memes

No Balloon, No Party

When you’re about to use your peter, wrap up that wiener with some of these awesome condoms!

funny pictures memes

I Choose You!

BeyoncĂ© used Single Lady! …it wasn’t liked. No ring was placed around it.

funny pictures memes

Massage Your Cubone?

Would you like me to massage your Cubone?

funny pictures memes

Ditto Needs Love Too

Keeps your friends close and your shape-shifting Pokemon away from Wolverine’s peen. QUIT BEING WEIRD DITTO


King of the Hill Meets Pokemon

Selling all Pokemon and Pokemon accessories I tell you what