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Kids Are Liars

Lying little asshat. DO YOU EVEN SURF BRUH

funny pictures memes

Old People Talking to Companies on Facebook

You have digital natives, the generation born and raised on technology, and then you have digital immigrants who think a computer is a way to…

funny pictures memes

So Much Fun!

I can’t wait until I’m old enough to wear shirts like this. Nobody questions you when you’re old!

funny pictures memes


A picture says a thousand words, and well, sometimes you’re at a place where you don’t even remember a thousand words…

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  • movie-title-forever-alone1.jpg
  • movie-download-jail1.jpg
  • men-vs-women-chase1.png
  • luke-stfu-kenobi1.jpeg
  • lotr-harry-potter-twilight-women1.jpg
  • larry-bird-quote-win1.jpg
  • lanniste-mastercard1.jpg
  • kool-aid-man-win1.jpg
  • hipster-marty-mcfly1.jpg
  • hardest-childhood-decision1.jpg
  • first-world-troll-problems1.jpg
  • fears-of-cell-mates1.jpeg
  • eat-it-banana-wtf1.jpg
  • camp-slap-a-ho-blunt-card1.jpg
  • alderaan-places-luke-leia1.jpg
  • bullying-advice-stephen-fry1.jpg

Random Acts of Hydra (20 pics)

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Getting Old Is Going to Suck

Getting old is going to suck, but at least the streets won’t have any of that unsightly crab grass growing around the fresh asphalt flowers!…

The Elderly Jump on the Meme Train