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An Untold Story

Behind every girl’s favorite song is an untold story…

funny pictures memes

Who Wore It Better?

Who wore it better: Nicki Minaj or Prince Adam?


And It Stinks

If Nicki Minaj thinks she’s a good role model, it smells like total bullshit and it stinks like hell


Grumpy Cat Meets Nicki Minaj

Grumpy Cat is tired of your shit Nicki Minaj and just so you know, nobody likes yours super bass


Nicki Minaj Induces Seizures

The Simpsons might be the prelude of what’s to come if Nicki Minaj is allowed to continue on her path to musical abortion


How to Make Twilight Worse

This might be the only way I could watch Twilight, just so I had more to laugh at other than Kristen Stewart’s constipated facial expressions