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Friends Forever

Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin have been friends for quite some time. It’s always nice to see celebrities getting along after over two decades

funny pictures memes
funny pictures memes

Nicolas Cage Would Be Proud

If ever there was a time for Nicolas Cage to shine in meme form, it’s with the Ents!

funny pictures memes

Nobody Likes a Messy Divorce

Nobody likes a messy divorce, least of all a hobbit

funny pictures memes

Not Even Once

Meth…not even once. Even if you’re a badass wizard.

funny pictures memes

Gandalf My Internet Access!

Gandalf my Internet access is not outside among the Orcs and Goblins! Screw this, I’ll just become an Internet troll


I’m Going on an Adventure!

Is this my task, Gandalf? …she is!? Looks like I’m going on an adventure (if you know what I mean)


Gandalf Problem Solving

Need help learning to make decisions like a wizard? Use the patented Gandalf Problem Solving chart!