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Mama Snape

The Harry Potter references will never end so long as the Internet exists!

funny pictures memes

10 Points to Malaysian Airlines!

Snape, you can’t just give away points because they disappeared. They have to¬†reappear¬†too.

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The Japanese Golfer Joke

Ever wonder what joke Vernon Dursely was going to tell about the Japanese golfer? Well, here it is!

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I’m a wizard at drinking, but I don’t think that counts


Lucius and Snape!

Prepare for trouble And make it double! Lucius and Snape blast off at the speed of light!

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When He Hugs You

When he hugs you in front of his friends…

funny pictures memes

Do You Even Leviosa!?

Ayyy yo ayy uhh do you even leviosa? ADRIENNNNN