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Best Friends Forever

You should keep your friends close (because who else is going to do zombie things with you after you’re dead?)

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All My Friends

If all your friends are dead, you might be Kevin Bacon in The Following

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Friends Forever

I just knew we’d be friends forever from the moment I discovered that you also have no filter…

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The Friendship Scale!

Using the friendship scale, how familiar are you with the people you hang out with?

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Sexual Experimentation

In college, the general rules of sexual experimentation don’t apply to the ones in the social rule book of real life. If this rule applied,…


Whoppers for Friends

Not a fan of the Whopper, but I am a fan of free food and ruining friendships!


Trust Fall Fail

We make friends for a reason, a season, and a lifetime. We also make friends that we probably should know better than to let them…