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Just That Dad Life

If you pick up your daughter from daycare and don’t tell that bitch to be cool, she’s gonna run all over you.

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Winning Advice as a Father

It’s always good to be upfront with kids, because kids are pretty dumb.

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funny pictures memes

Who Sent You!?

Dudes, if you ever send your little one in and hear the missus ask, “Who sent you?” it’s probably a good idea to hide.

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Some Fatherly Advice

Some fatherly advice you’ll do well to remember later in life!


Put Your Kids to Bed

There’s a right and a wrong way for how to put yours kids to bed

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Dad, Tell a Joke

If you expect your father to tell a joke that isn’t going to be at your expense, you’re only asking for it.

Well, That Was Awkward