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Scheduled Runs

As Archer would say: “PHRASING!”

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He Saves!

When you have family present on your Facebook, you have to think fast on your feet!

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Old People Talking to Companies on Facebook

You have digital natives, the generation born and raised on technology, and then you have digital immigrants who think a computer is a way to…

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Grandpa’s a Baller

Don’t talk shit about grandpa’s tattoo and bitchin glasses or he’ll slam you down. PS That tattoo is siiiiiiiiick

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Olive Garden Gets Sassy

Enjoy the unlimited soup and salad as long as you enjoy a side of “bitchy” with it

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I Know a Hawk from a Handsaw

Even Hamlet knew when he was crazy and when he wasn’t. It’s safe to assume he’d know this too.

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Like to Stop

The most appropriate response to attention whores and their like to stop campaigns

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Fear of the Dark

Have you ever wondered how to get over your fear of the dark? Take a lesson!