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Priorities Straightened

When you know what you want to do in life, it’s easy to get it taken care of with no hesitation

funny pictures memes

No Balloon, No Party

When you’re about to use your peter, wrap up that wiener with some of these awesome condoms!

funny pictures memes

Tien vs. Charmander

When Tien fights Charmander, do you know who loses? Yamcha. Yamcha always loses.

funny pictures memes

Wanting a Perfect Body

Have you been looking for tips on wanting a perfect body? Take a few lessons from Dragonball Z!


Chris Brown Meets Dragonball Z

Chris Brown had a short stint on Dragonball Z, but his match-up was short-lived after he couldn’t go Super Saiyan and took it out on…


CSI: Dragonball

If you’re unable to make calls, you might need to get to somewhere with… Perfect Cell coverage YEEAAHHHHHHHHH


You’ll Never Be Super Saiyan

With an attitude like that, you’ll never go super Saiyan and save the Nameks