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Your History Lesson for Today

This is the last time a dinosaur was ever seen

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When Cats Attack

Make sure your animals are prepared for the uprising of dinosaurs. Did you even SEE Jurassic Park?

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All My Friends

If all your friends are dead, you might be Kevin Bacon in The Following

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Learn to Evolve

Darwin might have developed a theory on evolution, but he never thought about the price some pay when they learn to evolve

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Shouldn’t You Be Studying?

What are you doing? It’s college! Shouldn’t you be studying? No? Oh, ok. Well, continue being a dinosaur then.

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American Politics Is Ready for a Change

American politics is ready for a change. T-REX IS KING OF ALL!!11!1!

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Why Would You Make This!?

Dear god why would you or anybody make this!? Childhoods were ruined over this creation!