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His Talents are UnCAGEd

Is there anything Nicolas Cage┬ácan’t do? Other than choose appropriate roles for his acting capabilities, of course.

funny pictures memes

Bill Nye the Time Traveler

Did you know? Bill Nye went invented a time machine to go back in time to free the slaves under the alias of Abraham Lincoln….


Bill Nye Spits Acidic Rhymes

When it comes to basic bitches, Bill Nye knows the pH scale like the back of his pimp hand. And he keeps it strong


Our Top 10 Posts of 2012!

2012 has been quite a busy year for us here at Kill the Hydra! Having just launched in April, we’ve made sure to keep you…


23 Reasons Bill Nye Tho Is the Best Twitter User Ever

Every once in a while, a modern genius comes along and creates something wonderful on the Internet. Today, that person is Twitter user Bill Nye…

Bill Nye Theme Remix by DJ Abunai

This Bill Nye Theme Remix by DJ Abunai is one of the best ones we’ve come across recently. A little old mixed with a bit…