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The Fish Assassin

The salmon gave it their best shot, but the assassin they sent failed to quell the bear uprising.

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Where’s the Picnic Basket?

Children: the other white meat

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Way to Pull the Race Card

Look, we get it. Just because you’re a brown bear doesn’t mean you should be treated any differently than a polar bear! I have friends…

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Call the Cops

This is what happens when you let bears run rampant and steal whatever dumpsters they want.¬†Go ahead and call the cops, I don’t give a…

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Bear Steals Dumpsters

If you’re not familiar with this awesomeness, take a peek at the link here and have a nice laugh as this bear steals dumpsters from…

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That’s My Bear!

Hugh Jackman starts in, “That’s My Bear!” A loving tale of a bearded man with a twisted face and his lovable bear


Let’s Make a Panda!

I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess that this isn’t how to make a panda

Know Your Bears