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Reevaluate Your Priorities

Unlikely lines from a cosmetics company? Reevaluate your priorities if you dream of longer, fuller lashes.

funny pictures memes

A Cosplayer Is Born

If ever there was a time to be a cosplayer, it would be now. With the ability to produce terrifying images like this, there’s really…


Tyrion and Bronn

Anything redone as Calvin and Hobbes, especially Game of Thrones with Tyrion and Bronn, is fantastic!


Gangster Sloth Don’t Play

Gangster Sloth just wants you to know the rules of the game. Bitches get stitches

funny pictures memes

A Wild Hoodrat Appeared

Here we have a wild hoodrat, who isn’t much to look at, but when she’s ready to go, best to keep your distance!


Learn the Batusi!

The morning wouldn’t start out right if you didn’t learn the Batusi from the one and only Adam West! The more you watch it, the…


Nicki Minaj Induces Seizures

The Simpsons might be the prelude of what’s to come if Nicki Minaj is allowed to continue on her path to musical abortion