23 Reasons Bill Nye Tho Is the Best Twitter User Ever

Every once in a while, a modern genius comes along and creates something wonderful on the Internet. Today, that person is Twitter user Bill Nye Tho. It’s quite apparent that, despite being well-respected, Bill Nye Tho is also willing to give away his knowledge FOR FREE! Come take a look at some of the best tweets!

Bill Nye Tho

I think what makes Bill Nye Tho so popular is a list of things:

  • Bill Nye Tho has a fantastic picture that makes the real Bill Nye look like a mix of a smart ass and a stoner.
  • He tweets words we wish the real Bill Nye would, because it would be hilarious.
  • Because he does this, Bill Nye Tho is able to say things about aliens, putting testicles on birds, and offer his opinion on how many whales it would take to capsize a boat (See below to find out how many).

If Bill Nye Tho makes me laugh, he will DEFINITELY make you too. Especially growing up in the 90s, Bill Nye Tho makes me imagine the actual Bill Nye thinking this while making his show.

And that makes it so much more entertaining.

So without further ado, I present to you 23 of the funniest Bill Nye Tho tweets! If you like the page, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any other social network you use!


Twitter has since suspended the user account for Bill Nye Tho. I find the suspension a bit ridiculous because it was obvious it wasn’t actually Bill Nye. Personally, I’d like to see Twitter reinstate the account by having his supporters trend #bringbackBillNyeTho. I’ll be tweeting it, and so should you! Bring back Bill Nye Tho and make Twitter hilarious again!


He’s back! Bill Nye Tho has returned to Twitter so follow the link and check him out for some awesome insights into the world of science!