Unite the Right Goes Wrong

The Internet has always been a magical place. While brutal and unforgiving, it takes no sides. Here, we present some of the best memes from the “Unite the Right” klan rally in Charlottesville, VA. Because honestly, let’s call it what it is: insecure white people afraid that their ability to spew hate is being minimized. Probably a bit of “we lost wars to other white people, but it’s still brown people’s fault” too.

When the goal of your “rally” is to intimidate a specific minority and to fight for a statue equivalent to a participation trophy for a war you lost, you don’t really deserve much sympathy when it comes crashing down on you. Keep waving your flag of surrender you fucking losers.

charlottesville-alt-right-meme13charlottesville-alt-right-meme12 charlottesville-alt-right-meme11 charlottesville-alt-right-meme10 charlottesville-alt-right-meme9charlottesville-alt-right-meme5 charlottesville-alt-right-meme4 charlottesville-alt-right-meme3 charlottesville-alt-right-meme2charlottesville-alt-right-meme8 charlottesville-alt-right-meme6