Our Top 10 Posts of 2012!

2012 has been quite a busy year for us here at Kill the Hydra! Having just launched in April, we’ve made sure to keep you laughing throughout the week with daily new posts and trending memes from across the Internet. Come check out the list of our most popular, top 10 posts of 2012… you’ll be guaranteed a laugh!

Our Top 10 Posts of 2012 as Determined by You!

Coming in at number 10, we have 21 Funny Memes Making Mornings More Manageable. In this post, we looked high and low for the best and funniest memes trending that week, and you sure seemed to agree! From Bad Luck Brian to Grumpy Cat, we gave it all to you!



At number 9, we had Dog Shaming: Man’s Best Friend Acts a Fool, where we brought you 27 of the best and funniest examples of dog shaming. There’s just something about humanizing an animal that makes it even more hilarious! Dog’s getting blamed for stealing food and farting under the covers look totally ashamed as their owners call them out on it!



At number 8, we have 19 Awesomely Funny Animal Pictures, proving once again that you love animal pictures with sarcastic captions on them! And, we’re going to have to agree with you on that one!



Number 7 marked off the political debates and presidential election the USA saw in 2012, where we brought you 16 Funny Political Pictures and Memes. From Obama to Romney, Paul Ryan to Putin and Kim Jong-un, we brought you the funniest memes, spoofs, and just all around ridiculous pictures from the Internet!



Coming in at Number 6, you chose 23 More Funny Memes to Battle Midday Melancholyand since you love them so much, we were happy to continue obliging your want of more memes throughout the year!



Surging in this past month at number 5, Celebrity Animorphs for Yeerk Domination saw a massive increase in popularity during November and December, bumping it to the middle of our list for the top 10 popular posts of 2012! Growing up in the 90s, I absolutely adored these books. Having come across this surge of turning celebrities into animorphs, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to create a post about it!



One of my personal favorites working on came in at number 4, where we brought you 26 of the Best Walking Dead Memes. It’s been said before, but you either love or hate the show. As a fan of the graphic novels and pretty much anything zombie-related, I can’t get enough of the show!

Best Walking Dead Memes Ice Cream Gif


At number 3, you chose 22 Funny Memes That’ll Brighten Up Your Day! We hear you loud and clear over at Kill the Hydra, and you can bet that 2013 will be FULL of memes to keep you laughing throughout the day!



We’re nearing the end of this list of top 10 posts of 2012, and at number 2, coming as no surprise, we have 20 of the Funniest Gangnam Style PicturesPSY made his debut in late 2012, but that didn’t stop him from becoming the fastest and most watched man on YouTube, popping him into Internet history at over ONE BILLION views. With that kind of popularity, it only made since for us to bring you some of the funniest pictures to come from this Gangnam Style craze!



Now, for the number 1 spot on our top 10 posts of 2012 list! This should come as no surprise to anyone. He was a sensation on Twitter, whose popularity only grew once Twitter decided to suspend the account. Coming in as the most popular post as determined by you, we bring you the man, the myth, the legend…THE GENIUS that is Bill Nye Tho, in 23 Reasons Bill Nye Tho Is the Best Twitter User Ever!


And there you have it faithful readers! The top 10 posts of 2012 as determined by you! We look forward to keeping you laughing through 2013 with the best the Internet has to offer! We’ll have some exciting new updates for you in the coming months, so keep checking back and make sure to share with your friends! Thank you for making 2012 such an awesome year for us at Kill the Hydra!