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The Internet Reacts To: Miley Cyrus Twerk at the VMAs

We all knew it was coming one day. Miley Cyrus was just too “wholesome” to remain that way forever. It follows the trend of  Disney stars (or child stars for that matter) that fall off the deep end and land straight into the pit of crazy. Lindsay Lohan, the recent Amanda Bynes, and now Hannah Montana herself. What makes them do it? Probably because they’re used to getting love and attention and then lose it…or gain the wrong type of love and attention from creepers stalking them or wanting to “see teh nudez pix” in a Google search. Or perhaps it’s because they want to show they’re all grown up and not the little star or starlet they once were. That they can do other things besides family comedies…like coke or heroin or hell, maybe even fall into a nice bout of alcoholism!

miley cyrus twerk memeWhatever the reason, they definitely make for an interesting Internet reaction. And can you blame us? We obsess over these performers so much that anything out of the norm is all the rage. The VMAs are no stranger to oddities, and the Miley Cyrus twerk team shenanigans is just another in a long list of craziness that’s happened throughout the years. But, enough of reasons and postulations as to why they do what they do. You came here for some laughter, and we’re here to bring it to you. Without further ado, we present to you:


20 of the Best Internet Reactions to the Miley Cyrus Twerk!


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