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Star Wars and Tumblr Collide

Angst? Check. Loneliness? Check. An overzealous sense of self-worth? Check! Welcome to the Tumblr side of Star Wars

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Bible Stories for the 21st Century

I mean, they’re essentially the same thing…kind of…not really…I guess I’ll see you in Hell too then

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Just That Dad Life

If you pick up your daughter from daycare and don’t tell that bitch to be cool, she’s gonna run all over you.

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U-G-L-Y You Ain’t Got No Alibi

Your weave is ugly and you should feel ugly for wearing it

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Scheduled Runs

As Archer would say: “PHRASING!”

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He Saves!

When you have family present on your Facebook, you have to think fast on your feet!

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Old People Talking to Companies on Facebook

You have digital natives, the generation born and raised on technology, and then you have digital immigrants who think a computer is a way to…

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Dragonite Has Sass

Look, Dragonite might not be the best looking Pokemon around, but at least it doesn’t look like a dumbass icecream cone.