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Clever Girl

They…can open doors?


Working in Customer Service

Working in customer service is kind of like this…


Eat Your Vegetables

When your vegan friend tries to tell you vegetables are good, but then you make fun of them and they snap.

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Star Wars and Tumblr Collide

Angst? Check. Loneliness? Check. An overzealous sense of self-worth? Check! Welcome to the Tumblr side of Star Wars

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Mama Snape

The Harry Potter references will never end so long as the Internet exists!

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Walter White Montage

This is hands down the BEST montage you’ll ever see. For fans of┬áBreaking Bad, enjoy the feast!

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How to Advertise

Colbert hits the nail on the head!

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Winnie the Pooh Goes Hard

Just a little color change makes a huge difference