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The Story of Finn

Ever wonder why FN-2187 wanted to leave the First Order?

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Flirty Joker

Ever snuggle with the devil in the pale moon light?

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Sneaky Snakes!

A hissstory of snake transformation

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Robotic Text Messaging

Robot overlords don’t always start out as overlords. Sometimes they have to start out with a single message. Source: Poorly Drawn Lines

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Scumbag Dungeon Master

He’s the dungeon master you need, but not the one you deserve. +5 for douchebaggery

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Screaming Goat

This is what happens when a goat becomes self-aware. Source: Poorly Drawn Lines

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Star Wars and Tumblr Collide

Angst? Check. Loneliness? Check. An overzealous sense of self-worth? Check! Welcome to the Tumblr side of Star Wars