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Tiffany Trump Snubs Donald Trump

Tiffany Trump Snubs the Donald

This week, we’ve elected to give Tiffany Trump the Queen Shade Award for the snub of her disgusting father, Donald Trump. And what better way…

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The Story of Finn

Ever wonder why FN-2187 wanted to leave the First Order?

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Flirty Joker

Ever snuggle with the devil in the pale moon light?

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Sneaky Snakes!

A hissstory of snake transformation

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Robotic Text Messaging

Robot overlords don’t always start out as overlords. Sometimes they have to start out with a single message. Source: Poorly Drawn Lines

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Scumbag Dungeon Master

He’s the dungeon master you need, but not the one you deserve. +5 for douchebaggery

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Screaming Goat

This is what happens when a goat becomes self-aware. Source: Poorly Drawn Lines

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Star Wars and Tumblr Collide

Angst? Check. Loneliness? Check. An overzealous sense of self-worth? Check! Welcome to the Tumblr side of Star Wars